Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus



Get in my belly… and make my pee smell a little

This is a really great snack, side dish, or even a simple dinner maybe even served on a bed of rice or quinoa. This is seriously easy to make and really delicious. I even considered making something similar to this for breakfast with turkey bacon served on an over easy egg… if your mouth isn’t watering then that was just a waste of a delicious idea. Any-who… Recipe as follows:

-12 pieces of asparagus
-6 slices of prosciutto cut in half… or 12 if you really love prosciutto

Simple tip of the day: If you never know where to cut off the ends of your asparagus you can literally take them and snap them and they will break where they are supposed to break. You should be able to take the bunch of 12 and do it at once!

Wrap the prosciutto in the asparagus
Heat up your pan on medium-low heat
If you do not have a non stick pan you may need a drop of oil or ghee in the pan
Drop in your asparagus
Turn and cook as needed until prosciutto is caramelized

Serving size can be 1-3 depending on how you intend on serving them

Now enjoy those suckers because they are delicious!

Now that’s what’s for pinner


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