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What’s For Pinner?


Welcome to Whats for Pinner! I hope that you enjoy this blog, and my newest adventure, and I’m so happy that I can share my passion for food and photography with you! One thing I can promise you is great recipes, and photo’s that will make your mouth water. The inspiration from this blog came from being obese and overweight, and wanting to find better recipes. Through the years i’ve had to adjust my eating immensely, and with a recent diagnoses of Celiacs Disease, I’ve had to adjust it even further. I began to research my recipes on Pinterest. Some were GREAT, some were just plain terrible. So here I am, providing you with my experiences, insight and delicious recipes to make your life easier! I plan on providing you with AT LEAST 4 Recipes a week, and if they food turns out awful, then I’ll make it better and provide you with solutions to make your food taste amazing!

Because I am a mom, I get it… you don’t 40 minutes to prep a meal, another 40 to cook it, then another 30 to clean up… I mean what’s 2 hours of cooking all while you have a screaming child at your ankles, maybe one screaming from the bathroom that they need you to wipe their rear end. No but seriously, I swear I understand. Whether you’re a mom, a dad, a teacher, a student, or an officer, whatever it may be, we all live in a busy world. So with that being said, you can expect easy, nutritious, paleo/gluten free meals that you WILL enjoy.

Thank you all for your interest and I hope that I can provide you with some awesome meals!